Liu Huan & Sarah Brightman – You and Me, 2008 Beijing Olympics Official Theme Song

2008 Beijing Olympics Official Theme Song: Sarah Brightman & Liu Huan – You and Me
This official theme song was selected from thousands of candidate songs. It was sung in two languages by Sarah Brightman & Liu Huan.
Why was this song finally chosen as the official theme song of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games? Zhang Yimou, the director of Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony, gave the following explanation.
“The Beijing Olympics Organizing Committee spent several years to gather candidate songs. We collected thousands of songs. I felt that many songs seemed to used ‘hand in hand’, the theme song of Seoul Olympics, as a model. Many people including media thought that the theme song of Beijing Olympics should be similar to that kind of song (‘hand in hand’). And many lyricists and composers followed that style. Finally the same was I.”
“One day I happened to hear ‘You and I’. I felt that the song was beautiful at that time. The lyrics and music are simple. The major purpose of our creative work was to complete an artwork on site. We wanted to create a unique, original, unmatched and the greatest behavioral artwork in the world. And we wanted to express our best wishes. The lyrics of this song like ‘you and me, from one world, we are one family’ are touching and easy to learn. So other directors immediately loved this song. And we felt that it fit the theme of 2008 Beijing Olympics — harmony. We recommended this song to musical professionals. They all liked it.”
Zhang Yiping, the director of this song’s MV, gave the following explanation.
“The message of this song is pure and simple. When I firstly heard this song, I could not believe that it was the theme song. Later I felt that its purity and simplicity was a good idea. It is different from the grand style that we might expect. But it was creative to choose this song. Especially when this song was performed on Olympics opening ceremony, the artistic conception developed from this song was very beautiful.”
Jiang Xiaoyu, the vice executive chairman of Beijing Olympics Organizing Committee, commented that “Former Olympics theme songs were full of joys and passion. This time we took a new way, which led to harmony and humanity”


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